PO failed: Connection to supplier failed: 400 Bad Request


400 Bad Request usually means the supplier is not ready to receive the OrderRequest cXML.


  • Review the PO setting and make sure the following information was entered correctly:

    • cXML Domain: for the Buyer
    • cXML Identity: for the Buyer
    • cXML Supplier Domain: for the Supplier
    • cXML Supplier Identity: for the Supplier
    • cXML Secret

    The information is case sensitive.

  • If everything is correct, forward the Coupa failed PO email to the supplier, and ask the supplier to look into the issue and ask when you can expect to receive the OrderRequest.


Subject: cXML Failure (Connection to supplier failed)

When we tried to send purchase order #123 to ABC Supplier the connection request failed. PO failed: 400 Bad Request