Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition

  • Follow the process for Supplier Candidate Submission
    Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 001.png
  • Click on Candidate Name to view the candidate’s profile.
    Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 002.png
  • Select Submit to Requisition from the Action List.
  • To complete the candidate’s profile, the supplier user will enter the following information on the submit screen:
  • Upload candidate’s Resume by clicking on blue folder icon and navigating to saved file.
    • The resume cannot contain any personal contact information (phone number, address, email, etc.) for the candidate or any supplier information (logo or phone number).
  • Enter Justification to submit the candidate for this requirement/requisition (max 500 characters).
    • Note! This is your opportunity to let the manager know why your candidate is the best fit for this opening.
  • Upload Additional Documents , if desired.
    • This can include, but is not limited to, letters of reference, letters of recommendation, experience validation, certifications, etc.
  • Indicate correct Employment Type .
    Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 004.png
  • If the requisition contains a Skill Matrix , indicate the appropriate Years Experience and Level of knowledge for each item.
    • You also have the ability to enter any Comments related to each item within the Skill Matrix area.
  • Indicate if the candidate is a Former Employee , a Former Contractor or a Retiree of the client or any client subsidiary.
    • If “yes” is selected for any of these areas, additional information will be required.
  • If the requisition contains any Candidate Questions , work with the candidate to provide appropriate answers.
    Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 005.png
  • The Candidate Pay Rate and Candidate OT Pay Rate will auto-populate based on your organizations contract with the Company in support of the client engagement.
  • Enter the Bill Rate amount.
    • Overtime (OT) Bill Rate will auto-populate based on the Bill Rate entered.
      Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 006.png
  • Enter the Coupa CW Identifier (this is a combination of the last four of the candidate’s SSN and month/day of birth ( SSN+MMDD ));
    • I MPORTANT! Not properly utilizing the Identifier bypasses the Do Not Rehire feature in Coupa CW. This puts all employees and workers on-site at risk.
    • Failure to properly utilize this feature can result in disciplinary action to the supplier and will be recorded in the supplier’s scorecard.
      Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition 007.png
  • Once all information has been entered, click Submit to Requisition .