• Last edited on: 22 June 2022

View and Manage Payments

View and manage overdue payments, early payment discount requests, tasks, and payment preferences.


You can view and manage your invoice payments, payment accounts, and early pay discount preferences, and you can process your card payments and digital checks from the Payments page. Purchase order payments are always made using virtual cards, and invoice payments can be made by Bank-to-Bank transfer, Digital Check (in the US), or virtual card.


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Set up payment prerequisites

When you navigate to the Payments page, you might see a page prompting you to click Get started to complete setup for the customer you selected. This means you have some steps to complete before you can manage your payments.


If you just see a payments table and customer selector, send a request to csp-bpm@coupa.com to enable the new Payments page view. For more information, see Payments tables.


After you click Get started, the CSP navigates you to Setup > Legal Entity to either add a legal entity, add or edit remit-to address information, and/or add or share bank account information with your customer to receive credit card information for virtual card payment. Once you complete the required steps, you can review your payments for this customer.

Review payments

  1. Go to Payments.
  2. Select your customer in the My Customers section on the left side of the page.
    Payments dashboard with Overview, A/R Aging Summary, To Do List, and Payment Setup sections.

If you have more than ten customers, you can search for a customer name by entering it in the search bar in the My Customers section.

  1. Review the Overview section to see high level payment information about this customer. For more information, see Overview.
  2. Review the A/R Aging Summary to learn more about invoices that haven't been marked paid in your customer's Coupa instance. For more information, see A/R Aging Summary.

You can review the To Do List section to see pending action items. The Payment Setup section displays pending setup items for you to complete. For more information, see To Do List and Manage Your Pay Account.

Payments dashboard sections


The data provided in the following sections is directional and for informational purposes only. Data refresh may be delayed up to 1-2 weeks.


The Overview section shows the total amount and number of payments received to date, payments due, and early pay requests (visible only if your customer enabled dynamic discounting). You can click the link in each tile to see more information about the transactions included in the tile's calculations.

Payment Overview section with tiles.

Tile Description
Payments Received to Date The year-to-date total amount of payments you've received from this customer. If you click the # payments link, the CSP navigates you to the Invoice Payments table, filtered for your customer.
Payments Due

The year-to-date total amount of payments that are due for this Coupa customer. If you click the # invoices link, the CSP navigates you to the Invoices page, filtered to show overdue invoices. For more information, see View and Manage Invoices.


Payments Due includes invoices that have not been marked as paid in Coupa. Payments made outside of Coupa are not included.

Early Pay Requests

If your customer uses Early Pay Discounts, the amount of pending early payments.


This section only shows if your customer uses Early Pay Discounts.

A/R Aging Summary

The A/R Aging Summary section shows a breakdown of overdue invoices over the past 30, 60, 90, and 90+ days and how much they're worth. You can click the # invoices link in each tile to see the invoices included in the tile's calculations.


The tiles include invoices that have not been marked as paid in Coupa. Payments made outside of Coupa are not included.

Payment A/R Aging section with tiles.

To Do List

The To Do list contains payment-related notifications that need your attention or action, such as early pay requests that need to be accepted, digital checks that can be downloaded, or customer announcement notifications that you can view. Clicking the View all link takes you to the My Notifications page.

If your list is empty, you are reminded to check your notification preference settings. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

Manage Your Pay Account

In the Manage Your Pay Account section, you can set up or manage your bank account, the email to receive card payments, and your static or dynamic early pay discounts. You can click Set up or Manage for each item in the list to either set up a new record or manage an existing record. For more information, see View and Manage Remit-to and  InformationSet Static Discounting Preferences, and Set Early Payment Preferences.


The green bar above the section indicates your setup progress.

Payments tables

If you don't enable the new Payments page, you'll see three tabs on your screen: Invoice Payments, PO Payments, and Early Payments (if you and your Coupa customers use Early Payments).

Payments table without Payments dashboard enabled.

Understand bank transfers

If you selected Bank Account when setting up your legal entity, you’ll see a deposit from TransferMate or InterPay in your bank account or bank account statement. This deposit is a result of your Coupa customer paying you for invoices that are approved. 

In the transaction description, you can see information about the money mover, beneficiary name, payment number, batch number, and payer, depending on the data your banking portal includes in their messaging. Unfortunately, not all banking portals may provide all the details we pass. You can review information about your payments in the CSP. Use the payment number or payment amount from the bank details to find the payment in the CSP. For more information, see Payments tables.

Bank transfer diagram.