• Last edited on: 11 September 2017

Integration Contacts

Receive notifications when a customer integration is unable to process a transaction.

When you submit invoices to your Coupa customers using CSV upload, you now have the ability to receive notifications directly in your email inbox when the file has failed along with details of the failure.

To start, your Coupa customer will invite you to join our free Coupa Supplier Portal. Once you confirm your registration, your customer can add you as a contact to receive the failure notifications.

When you’re ready to submit an invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Your Coupa customer will provide you with the file template. All fields that are marked with an asterisk are required fields. More information of the required fields and Invoice Headers can be found here.

  2. When the file is filled out, log into the sFTP site using the credentials provided to you by your Coupa customer.

  3. Drop the file into the Incoming/Invoices folder of the sFTP site. The file will automatically be picked up within 5 minutes and will either load successfully into Coupa or, if there was an error, you will receive an email with those error details.


No notifications are delivered for successful files.