• Last edited on: 24 June 2022

Contract Collaboration FAQ

See frequently asked questions about Contract Collaboration.

What behavior is grandfathered into Contract Collaboration?

If you your customer is grandfathered into Contract Collaboration, you can sign contracts online, you can edit contracts on the webpage, and you can save authored contracts.

Why can't I sign my contract from the webpage?

In most cases, you need to download a copy of the contract, sign it, and upload it back into Contract Collaboration. For more information, see Edit a Contract.

If your Coupa customer was grandfathered into Contract Collaboration, you can sign online. If the sign button is grayed out, there are a few reasons why you may not be able to sign:

  • Required fields have not yet be entered. All required fields must be entered prior to signing.
  • Some people need to finish their review. This happens when reviews are outstanding and your company requires all reviews to be complete before signing.
  • You or your company have already signed.

Hover over the sign button to see why a contract cannot be signed.

How do I unlock a contract?

At the top right of the contract, select Cancel Lock.

Cancel Lock button that unlocks a contract.

How can I see who is collaborating on a contract?

In the Parties section, expand each section by selecting the Expand arrow expand.png in each section to see the different types of collaborators.

How can I get help with Contract Collaboration?

In the Help menu at the top right of your screen, select Coupa Help to see help documents or select Show tour to take a guided informational tour of Contract Collaboration.