• Last edited on: 11 October 2023

Create or Edit a Service Time Sheet

Work with service/time sheets to provide information about your progress.

When you receive a purchase order, you can flip it into a service/time sheet by clicking on the Services.png  icon in the Actions column of the Purchase Orders table, then on the Create Service/Time Sheets button on the PO.  For more information, see View and Manage POs.

To edit a service/time sheet, perform the following steps:

    1. On the Service/Time Sheets page, do one of the following:

      • Click on its number in the Service/Time Sheets column and click on the Edit button.

      • Click on the Edit (Edit.png) icon for it in the Actions column.


      You can also edit a service/time sheet by clicking on its number on the Service/Time Sheet Lines page.

service time sheet

  1. Confirm or enter time, quantity, and/or amount against the PO line items.


    You can enter only one week at a time. The week applies to all the lines.

    If your customer has specified Rate Card Lines in the requisition, you can select from the rate lines when specifying individual costs, or select Other for pricing that may be categorized outside the defined rate lines. Click the green plus sign to add a new rate line, or the red X to delete a rate line. You can add up to 100 rate lines to a service/time sheet line.

  2. Save or submit the service/time sheet, or add comments for your customer.


    You can submit multiple service/time sheets for any amounts or quantities against one PO and against one PO line.

The service/time sheet is routed for approval to your customer.

Approval or rejection can happen on the entire PO or on individual PO lines. Your customer can accept and pay you for partial work and you can see which service/time sheet lines are approved, pending approval, need rework, or are discarded.

If the service/time sheet or one or more of its lines are approved, a receipt and an inventory transaction are created in Coupa for the values of each PO line and you get a notification.

If the service/time sheet or one or more of its lines are rejected, you receive a notification of the required rework and you have to submit the service/time sheet again. The type of notification depends on your notification preference settings.

To delete, withdraw, or edit a service/time sheet, click on the relevant (DeleteEdit, or Withdraw) icon in the Actions column.


You can edit or delete only draft service/time sheets. You can withdraw service/time sheets only in pending approval status.