• Last edited on: 22 April 2024

Create or Edit Catalog Items

Create or edit items in your customer-specific catalogs.

On the Catalog Edit page, you can create or modify items one-by-one or with the bulk loader.

Create or update an item

In the Items Included in Catalog table, click on the Create button to add a new item or on the Edit icon (Edit.png) to edit a saved item.

On the Catalog Item Create page, fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk).

Setting on UI Column in the CSV Template Description
*Name Name* The item name that Coupa displays in search results.
*Description Description*

The item description that Coupa displays in search results. Coupa also searches this description for any of the keywords searched for.

*Unit of Measure UoM Code*

The UoM you use must match the UoM your customer has already set up in their Coupa environment; otherwise, you will not be able to save or load items. Talk to your customer to make sure that all the units of measure you use are set up in Coupa.

ISO standard is preferred.

Purchasable Active*

Catalog items cannot be deleted, so if an item is no longer available, deselect this checkbox to prevent the item from being visible in catalogs and search results.

If the value for "Active" is "Yes", the item can be purchased. If "No", the item cannot be purchased.

Supplier Item Attributes
*Part Number Supplier Part Num* The unique identifier for the item in the catalog database. Usually the supplier part number. It may be different from the Manufacturer part number.
Auxiliary Part Number Supplier Aux Part Num Another part number that helps identify the item, for example, a quote number. It will be included in any purchase order.

The name of the item's manufacturer.

Lead Time Lead Time

The time between when you receive the purchase order and when you ship the item.

Enter a single value not a range.


This is the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®). For more information, see www.unspsc.org.

Standard classification code that best describes the item. If UNSPSC is not available at the item level, assign a Segment or Family classification code that most applies to the item. If acceptable to your customer, a single Segment may be used for all items in your catalog.

Contract   You can specify the customer contract (if any) associated with the item.
Pricing Type   Limited to Fixed Price.
*Price Price* The price of the item you are selling to your customer. Do not include a currency sign, for example, $, or any punctuation other than a decimal separator.
*Currency Currency*

The currency is determined at the catalog level. The currency selected for the catalog is the default currency selected when you create a new catalog item.

Use ISO Currency Codes, for example, USD.

Savings %   If you offer a discount off retail price, you can indicate the savings percentage here. This is for reference only, and it does not affect the selling price or invoicing.
Browse Image URL

You can also upload an image for your item by clicking Browse. Coupa displays this image in your search results. You can use any image that fits on a regular screen. The image is scaled to 64x64 for search result thumbnails, and 300x300 for the detailed view. Coupa shows full resolution when the user zooms in on the image.

In CSV, enter the fully qualified URL to the image file (not the containing page).

  Pack Quantity

The number of items included in the specified UoM. For example, if the item UoM is BX and describes a box that contains 100 items, then the Pack Quantity is 100.

Upload or update multiple items

You can use the bulk loader to add or update multiple items in a catalog.

In the Items Included in Catalog table, click on the Load from file button and follow the steps on the Bulk Load Item Updates for [Catalog Name] page.

  • To get a blank CSV file to build your new catalog, click on the CSV template link. For information on the fields to be filled in, see the table above.

  • To add or modify items from your existing catalog, click on the current list of items link.

 After making the changes, click on the Browse... button and navigate to your modified CSV file, click Open, and then Start Upload.


Do not change the column header names in the .csv file.

Once the upload is complete, Coupa checks your file and shows you the Verify Data screen where you can check your changes and Finish Upload. All changes are highlighted in orange.

Click Cancel if you need to correct data in the .csv file, and then upload it again.

After clicking Finish Upload, wait for the system to complete loading the items. You can see the status of the upload change from Submitted for Processing through Submitted to Resque to Loading and Upload completed successfully. Click Done.

The n Item(s) Changed section is updated with your changes.