• Last edited on: 19 April 2023

Create Your Account

After receiving an invitation, create your CSP account.

Join the CSP

After following the link from an invitation email (other than customer-created invitation), fill in the mandatory fields to provide basic information for your account and your company's public profile.


Setting Description
Your name Your personal first and last name to be applied to your personal account.
Company The name of your company as seen on your company's public profile.
Create a Password Use these fields to create and confirm your password. It must be at least 8 characters long, and it has to include a number and a letter.

If you join the CSP from one of two simultaneous invitations received from your administrator and your customer, you might see a green box with a question asking whether you are an employee of the supplier organization and you need to select either the Yes – Join or No – Create New Account checkbox.

Welcome message


You can see this feature only if your customer(s) enabled it.

When you join the CSP from a customer-created invitation, you can see a registration page that is different from the page shown above. The Create your business account page contains the following welcome message and company logo by default. Your customer can customize the welcome message and add their logo, so the message might be different from the one shown below.


You need to enter your email address and password, and accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. You can get help to sign up or you can forward the invitation to others by clicking on the relevant links.


You can update your information later on the My Account Settings page. For more information, see Manage Your Account.

By default, this account is the admin account for your company. Once set up, you can add users and assign them roles, including account administration. For more information, see Administer the CSP.

Forward your invitation

You can invite others any time by entering their email address in the Forward email field in the Forward your invitation section and clicking Submit, or by clicking on the Forward this to someone link if you see the welcome message.

For more information, see Register for the CSP.