Contingent Worker Timesheet Creation


  • Select Create Timesheet icon from landing page or navigate to Menu ➔ Timesheet ➔ Create Timesheet
  • Verify correct Work Schedule is listed.
  • If no hours were completed during this workweek, check the box which reads, “Assign zero hours for this work period” to enter zero hours.
    • Enter Task .
  • This is a free-type field and should be coordinated with the Hiring Manager.
    • Select Hours Type worked.
    • Select correct Shift .
    • Select correct Charge# for hours worked.
  • This field will auto-populate based on user profile.
  • If you are working on more than one assignment, the correct Charge# will need to be selected from the drop-down list.
    • Click Add Task to add the task to the timesheet.
  • Heads Up! Be sure the correct work week dates are displayed on the screen.
    • Click on one of the fields for the day you want to enter time for.
    • Enter Start Time and End Time into respective fields for each day.
    • Click Save .
      Contingent Worker Timesheet Creation 014.png
    • When all hours for the week have been entered, click Submit .
      • Heads Up! Each time the CW adds a new Project , Hours Type, Shift or Charge Number (#) , Add Task must be selected to create a new line for entry of hours.