Manage Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

On the My Account page, click on the Security and Two-Factor Authentication link to enable or disable two-factor authentication.


Your customers can require you to use two-factor authentication to access their data in the CSP, in which case you have to enable it.

Two-Factor Authentication section with authentication settings and authenticator/SMS enrollment.

Enable two-factor authentication


If you want to receive SMS notifications or verification codes, you must enter and validate your phone number under Mobile Phone Verification.

When you use two-factor authentication, you can choose from the following options:

  • Disabled: You aren't using two-factor authentication.
  • Enable only for Payment Changes (Required for changing Legal Entity or Remit-To): Two-factor authentication is required when creating or editing legal entities or remit-to addresses.
  • Enable for Both Account Access (Login) and Payment Changes: Two-factor authentication is required when logging in to the CSP. You don't have to reauthenticate when working with financial data because you already authenticated on when logging in.

Under Two-Factor Authentication, click Enable for SMS or for Two Factor Authenticator App depending on how you want to receive the verification codes.

  • For SMS, enter the verification code in the pop-up window.


    After successful validation, you receive the verification codes in text messages.

  • For installing and using Google Authenticator, follow the on-screen instructions.

    Choose Remember this computer for 30 day if you are not using a shared or public computer, and click Enable.

    Print your backup codes or email them to yourself before you click OK. If you ever lose your device, you need these to regain access to your CSP account.


    You can only use a recovery code once, so refresh your list if you have to use a recovery code. Go to Account Settings > Security & Two-Factor Authentication and click Regenerate Recovery Codes to get a new list of codes.

For more information, see Install Google Authenticator.

Disable two-factor authentication

Under Two-Factor Authentication, click Disable for SMS or for Two Factor Authenticator App and, in the appearing window, enter your CSP password and click Disable Two-Factor Authentication.

If you enable or disable two-factor authentication, you get an email notification of the change.


Some of your Coupa customers may require that you use two-factor authentication. If you disable it and your customer requires it, you must re-enable it to transaction with them on the CSP.