• Last edited on: 27 August 2022

Supplier Candidate Onboarding

Candidate onboarding will be triggered at acceptance of Offer to Hire.


  • Select Onboarding from the landing page or navigate to Menu ➔ Onboarding ➔ Workspace
  • Click on desired candidate’s name.
  • Select Document accordion.


  • Note! The documents, completed by the Contingent Worker, will need to be accessible as a PDF document.
  • The completed document will need to be updated in the system by selecting the Update Status Icon.
    update status.png
  • Select the correct Status for the document.
  • Select Submit .


  • Click on the Compliance accordion.
  • To Initiate Compliance , click on image
  • Select the Compliance Package to initiate.
  • Update each stage of Compliance by selecting Update Status image and entering the correct status until there is no longer an option to update status.

    update status .png