• Last edited on: 27 August 2022

My Profile

With the My Profile feature in CCW you can edit your personal user information. The information available to update in My Profile will be dependent on your user type. Not all actions listed below may apply to all users.

Navigate to Menu ➔ My Coupa CW ➔ My Profile


Change Password

Click Change Password in the Action List to change your CCW login password.


Edit Contact Information

Click on Edit Contact Info from the Action List.


Update any info you want and then click Submit .

Edit Personal Information

Click on Edit Personal Info from the Action List.

Update any info you want, but note that you can’t update your Username or Email address in here. To change either of these, you will need to reach out to your MSP representative.

Edit Preferences

Click on Edit Preferences from the Action List.



The combination of your Language and Region settings - also known as your Locale - determines how dates and times are formatted throughout CCW.

  • Select your preferred Language - only English is available, however others will be introduced in future releases.
  • Select your preferred Region - the United States or United Kingdom is available, with other regions to be introduced in future releases.

A Preview pane shows how dates and times are displayed based on your selections:

  • English / United States
    • Dates: mm/dd/yyyy
    • Times: 12 hr format
  • English / United Kingdom
    • Dates: dd/mm/yyyy
    • Times: 24 hr format

Note that dates and times display according to your own Locale even when using the View Desktop feature or acting as a Proxy User.

Choose your preferences and click Save .