Quote Requests API

Use the quote requests API to create, and manage and view your sourcing events.


Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/quote_requests create Create a Sourcing event
POST /api/quote_requests/create_from_source create_from_source Create Sourcing event from Requisition, Contract, Catalog, Order pad, Order lines, Invoice lines, and items
GET /api/quote_requests index Returns all Sourcing events
GET /api/quote_requests/:id show Get information about the particular event
PUT /api/quote_requests/:id update Update a Sourcing event


Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
allow-award-individual-line-items Ability to award individual line items yes yes boolean
allow-multiple-response Allow multiple responses from one supplier yes yes boolean
attachments Attachments - there can be event details, terms and conditions, regular attachments yes yes Attachment
automatic-bid-unsealing If checked, bids will be unsealed automatically true, false yes yes boolean
business-partners Business partners yes yes Quote Requests User
comments Comments yes yes text
commodity Commodity yes yes Commodity
content-groups Content Groups yes yes Period
currency Currency yes yes Currency
custom-fields Custom fields yes
exported Indicates if event has been exported yes boolean
description Event name yes yes text
easy-forms Forms no no any yes yes Form
end-time Time when event should end, format: %m/%d/%y %I:%M %p %z yes yes datetime
event-type Type of event yes yes yes string(255)
hidden Is true if the event is a hidden event yes yes boolean
id Coupa unique identifier yes integer
forms Forms (deprecated in R23; replaced by easy-forms) yes yes Form
lines Lines yes yes Quote Request Line
lots Lots yes yes Quote Requests Lot
quote-request-attachments Quote request attachments yes yes Quote Request Attachment
quote-suppliers Quote suppliers yes yes Quote Supplier
revision Revision yes string(255)
sealed-bids If checked, bids will be sealed yes yes boolean
sealing-type Sealing type ('one_step_unsealing' or 'two_steps_unsealing') should be selected when Unseal Manually option is chosen one_step_unsealing, two_steps_unsealing yes yes integer
sealing-stage Sealing Stage all_envelopes_sealed, envelope1_unsealed, envelope2_unsealed yes integer
start-on-submit Flag that indicates whether to start event on submit or not yes yes boolean
start-time Time when event should start, format: %m/%d/%y %I:%M %p %z yes yes datetime
state State yes string(255)
tags Tags yes yes Tag
template-id Template ID yes integer
timezone Event timezone yes yes string(255)
base_price_calculation_method Base price calculation method ('average_of_supplier_responses', 'lowest_supplier_response_in_prebid' or 'manually_enter_base_prices') allows to understand the method by which the base price will be calculated yes yes integer
cost_avoidance Cost avoidance yes yes decimal(30,4)
cost_avoidance_currency Cost Avoidance Currency yes yes Currency
creatable-from-id Creatable From Object ID yes integer
creatable-from-type Creatable From Object Type yes string(255)
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
created-by User who created yes User
planned_savings Planned savings yes yes decimal(30,6)
planned-savings-currency Planned Savings Currency yes yes Currency
negotiated_savings Alias of savings to be used as a key in API yes yes decimal(32,4)
negotiated-savings-currency Negotiated Savings Currency yes yes Currency
original-id Coupa unique identifier for original event yes integer
allow_supplier_to_send_attachments If set to true by the buyer, the supplier is allowed to send attachments in the message center yes yes boolean
submit-time Time when event should be submitted, format: %m/%d/%y %I:%M %p %z. Default time: none yes yes datetime
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
updated-by User who updated yes User
quote-message Messages sent or received by the buyer. yes QuoteMessage