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Itemized Expense Line API

Use the Itemized Expense Line API to create, update, and display itemized expense line data in expense reports.


This API resource is associated with Expense Line Api.


The following elements are available for the Itemized Expense Line API:

Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
account Account       yes yes Account 
account-allocations Account allocations       yes yes Expense Line Allocation 
accounting-total Accounting total         yes decimal(32,4)
accounting-total-currency Accounting total currency       yes yes Currency 
amount Amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
approved-amount Approved amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
audit-status Audit status       yes yes Audit Status 
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ   yes datetime
created-by User who created         yes User 
currency Currency of transaction       yes yes Currency 
custom-field-1 Custom field 1       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-10 Custom field 10       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-11 Custom field 11       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-12 Custom field 12       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-13 Custom field 13       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-14 Custom field 14       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-15 Custom field 15       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-16 Custom field 16       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-17 Custom field 17       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-18 Custom field 18       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-19 Custom field 19       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-2 Custom field 2       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-20 Custom field 20       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-3 Custom field 3       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-4 Custom field 4       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-5 Custom field 5       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-6 Custom field 6       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-7 Custom field 7       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-8 Custom field 8       yes yes string(255)
custom-field-9 Custom field 9       yes yes string(255)
description Description       yes yes string(1550)
divisor Divisor unit       yes yes decimal(30,2)
end-date Divisor end date       yes yes datetime
exchange-rate Exchange rate       yes yes decimal(30,9)
expense-artifacts Expense artifacts         yes Expense Artifact 
expense-category Expense category yes     yes yes Expense Category 
expense-category-custom-field-1 Expense category custom field 1       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-10 Expense category custom field 10       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-2 Expense category custom field 2       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-3 Expense category custom field 3       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-4 Expense category custom field 4       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-5 Expense category custom field 5       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-6 Expense category custom field 6       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-7 Expense category custom field 7       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-8 Expense category custom field 8       yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-9 Expense category custom field 9       yes yes text
expense-date Expense date       yes yes datetime
expense-line-imported-data Expense line imported data         yes ExpenseLineImportedData 
expense-line-taxes Expense line taxes         yes ExpenseLineTax 
expense-report-id Expense report id         yes integer
expensed-by Expensed by user       yes yes User 
external-src-data External source data         yes string(255)
external-src-name External source name       yes yes string(255)
external-src-ref External source reference   yes   yes yes string(255)
foreign-currency Foreign currency yes     yes yes Currency 
foreign-currency-amount Foreign currency amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
foreign-currency-id Foreign currency id       yes   integer
frugality Frugality         yes  
id Coupa unique identifier       yes yes integer
integration Corp card integration name         yes Integration 
line-number Expense line number         yes  
merchant Merchant       yes yes string(255)
order-line-id Order line id       yes yes integer
over-limit Over limit flag         yes boolean
parent-expense-line-id Parent expense line id         yes integer
parent-external-src-data Parent External Source Data         yes string
parent-external-src-name Parent External Source Name         yes string
parent-external-src-ref Parent External Source Ref         yes string
period Period       yes yes Period 
reason Reason       yes yes string(255)
receipt-total-amount Receipt total amount       yes yes decimal(32,4)
receipt-total-currency-id Receipt total currency id       yes yes integer
reporting-total Reporting total         yes decimal(32,4)
start-date Divisor start date yes     yes yes datetime
status Transaction status         yes string(255)
suggested-exchange-rate Suggested exchange rate         yes Exchange Rate 
type Type         yes string(255)
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ   yes datetime
updated-by User who updated         yes User 
expense-attendees Expense attendees yes yes ExpenseAttendee
per_diem_trip Expense Per-diem Trip Information yes string
expense_trip Expense trip yes yes ExpenseTrip
expense_line_daily_per_diems Daily per diems with amount information for each day yes ExpenseLineDailyPerDiem

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