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Procurement Milestone Export

Coupa's procurement milestone flat file integration object contains header columns.

Export of these records is included as a Standard CSV Export. 

Position Column Name Description Type Req/Unique Allowable Values
1 record-type Milestone No/No any
2 type Type string(255) No/No any
3 status Status string(255) No/No any
4 percent Percent decimal(30,6) No/No any
5 amount Amount decimal(30,6) No/No any
6 description Description text No/No any
7 due-date Due date date No/No any
8 external-reference-code External reference code string(255) No/No any
9 payment-terms-code Payment Terms No/No any
10 payment-terms-days-for-discount-payment Number of days to pay to receive discount No/No any
11 payment-terms-days-for-net-payment Net Days for Payment No/No any
12 payment-terms-discount-rate Discount Rate for payment within Discount Terms No/No any
13 custom-field-1 Integration Custom Field 1 string(255) No/No any
14 custom-field-2 Integration Custom Field 2 string(255) No/No any
15 custom-field-3 Integration Custom Field 3 string(255) No/No any
16 custom-field-4 Integration Custom Field 4 string(255) No/No any
17 custom-field-5 Integration Custom Field 5 string(255) No/No any
18 custom-field-6 Integration Custom Field 6 string(255) No/No any
19 custom-field-7 Integration Custom Field 7 string(255) No/No any
20 custom-field-8 Integration Custom Field 8 string(255) No/No any
21 custom-field-9 Integration Custom Field 9 string(255) No/No any
22 custom-field-10 Integration Custom Field 10 string(255) No/No any

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