IC Netting - Payments Export - CSV Format

Format Description

# Name Type Comment
1 Netting code char - 7
2 Booking date date
3 Value date date
4 Payer name abbrev. char - 100
5 Payer company code char - 4
6 Netting center - intercompany account (IC account at center) of payer char - 50
7 Payer account abbrev. char - 50
8 Payer account no. G/L char - 30
9 Amount decimal
10 Currency char - 3 ISO code of currency
11 Payee name abbrev. char - 100
12 Payee company code char - 4
13 Netting center - intercompany account (IC account at center) of payee char - 50
14 Payee account abbrev. char - 50
15 Payee account no. G/L char - 30
16 Payment reference char - 255

Export Function

The export function is under Special Functions on Recon & Netting > AP/AR Netting > Payments.

The export function produces text files with the .csv file extension.

Format Rules

The export function uses the user-defined Export Format Settings under User Settings.

The file does not contain any headers or format descriptions.

One file can contain multiple data sets.

Each row in the file contains exactly one data set:

  • ASCII Code 13: carriage return denotes the end of a data set.
  • ASCII Code 10: new line denotes the end of a data set.

The field delimiter is the semicolon (;).

For decimal values, the period (.) is the decimal separator. There are no thousands separators.

For text values, there are no quotation marks. The char value is the maximum number of characters for that field.

Days and months are always 2-digit values and years are 4-digit values. There are no date separators and the date sequence is ymd.

Example Data Sets