Tax Registration Import


The Tax Registration Import process reads files from the ./Incoming/TaxRegistration/ in the SFTP. These files will be moved to the archive folder located at ./Incoming/Archive/TaxRegistration/ before being processed in alpha-numeric order.


  • Number


You can update any field if you specify Number. Number can only be updated from the User Interface.

Tax Registration

Field Name Required Field Unique? Field Type Field Description Possible Values
Number Yes No string(47) The registered tax number
Country Code Yes No The country code of the tax registration
Owner ID Yes No integer Coupa ID of the entity to which the tax registration belongs.
Owner Type Yes No string(255) The type of the owning entity. Examples are Address and SupplierRemitTo
Active No No boolean Determines if the tax registration is enabled or disabled
Local No No boolean Set to true if this tax number cannot be used for cross-border invoices