Advance Ship Notices API (/asn)


You can access ASN headers at /api/asn/headers and ASN lines at /api/asn/lines.


Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/asn/headers create Create advance ship notice header
GET /api/asn/headers index Query advance ship notice header
PUT /api/asn/headers/receive receive Add query parameter fully_consume=true to receive.
PUT /api/asn/headers/:id/receive receive
GET /api/asn/headers/:id show Show advance ship notice header
PUT /api/asn/headers/:id update Update advance ship notice header
PUT /api/asn/headers/void void
PUT /api/asn/headers/:id/void void


Field Name Field Description Required Field? Unique? Allowable Value Api_In Field? Api_Out Field? Data Type
asn-number Advanced Ship Notice Number yes yes yes yes string(40)
bill-of-lading Detailed list of a shipment of goods used to clear customs yes string(255)
carrier Shipper fedex, usps, ups, dhl, ontrac, asendia, apc, firstmile, newgistics, globegistics, rr_donnelley, purolator_ca yes string(255)
container Shipping Container number for tracking purposes yes string(255)
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
created-by User who created yes User
delivery-date Expected Delivery date when goods arrives yes yes datetime
export-flag Indicates if transaction has been exported yes yes boolean
gross-weight Gross weight of package yes decimal(30,6)
id Coupa unique identifier yes integer
lines Lines yes yes yes Asn/Line
packing-slip shipping list/manifest of goods usually inside the box yes string(255)
ship-date Shipment Date yes yes yes datetime
ship-method Method of shipment yes string(255)
ship-note Note to shipper yes string(255)
ship-to-address Ship to address yes yes yes Address
ship-to-user Ship to user yes yes User
ship-to-warehouse Ship to warehouse yes yes Warehouse
standard-carrier-alpha-code SCAC code to identify road transport companies yes string(255)
status transaction status yes string(50)
supplier supplier yes yes yes Supplier
tracking-number Tracking number of shipment yes string(255)
trailer Trailer number your product will be shipping on yes string(255)
uom UOM Code yes string(255)
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
updated-by User who updated yes User