Coupa Core Application IP Addresses

IP addresses that suppliers must whitelist to connect to Coupa.

Coupa's Commitment to Security

Security of customer data is Coupa's number one priority. Coupa is committed to providing customers with a reliable and secure application that allows them to manage the procure-to-pay process from anywhere at anytime. Our customers put their trust in Coupa to manage their important data and we want to make sure that you are comfortable with our policies and controls.

IP whitelisting is an industry standard and an effective method to ensure secure communication between Coupa and customer networks. Coupa provides the following list of IP addresses and recommends customers to whitelist them to ensure secure connection between networks.

Security and IP Whitelisting

Customers need to be confident that they are communicating with Coupa in a secure environment. One of the most effect methods to ensure security and prevent hijacked or rerouting to rogue websites is to use IP whitelisting.

To ensure a secure connection, Coupa provides a complete list of our public IP addresses. With the exceptions listed on the pages linked below, Coupa has registered all IP addresses and ranges with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Coupa's newer IP addresses and ranges are registered with American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).


While it is highly recommended to whitelist our entire IP ranges, you can choose to only whitelist a subset of our IP ranges. If you must do this, review the following information on the links listed below to avoid any unintended service disruptions.