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Supplier User API

Use the address API to query, create, or update personal or supplier user information.


This API is associated with the Suppliers API.


The following elements are available for the Supplier User API:

Element Description Required Field? Unique? Allowable Value Api_In Field? Api_Out Field? Data Type
account-groups account_groups       yes yes Account Group 
account-security-type account_security_type       yes yes integer
active A false value will inactivate the account making it no longer available to users. A true value will make it active and available to users.       yes yes true
aic-user Does the user have an AI Classification License?       yes yes boolean
allow-employee-payment-account-creation Allow the user to create an Employee Payment Account, regardless of the Employee Payment Channel.       yes yes boolean
allow-user-to-upload-invoice-from-mobile Allow user to upload Invoice images from Coupa Mobile to Invoice Inbox yes yes boolean
analytics-user Does the user have an Analytics License?       yes yes boolean
api-user Is an API User?         yes boolean
approval-groups approval_groups       yes yes User Group 
approval-limit Maximum amount allowed to approve.       yes   Approval Limit 
authentication-method What Authentication Method will be used (Coupa_Credentials, LDAP, SAML)?       yes yes string(255)
avatar-thumb-url Avatar url         yes string
business-function The employee's main job role in your company, e.g. Sales, Executive, Administrative, Managerial, etc.       yes yes string(255)
business-group-security-type business_group_security_type     0, 1 yes yes integer
can-expense-for can_expense_for         yes User
ccw-user Does the user have a Contingent Workforce License?       yes yes boolean
clm-advanced-user Does the user have a Contract Lifecycle Management Advanced License?       yes yes boolean
content-groups Content groups       yes yes Business Group
contract-approval-limit Contract approval limit       yes yes Approval Limit
contract-self-approval-limit Contract self approval limit       yes yes Approval Limit
contracts-user Does the user have a Contracts License?       yes yes boolean
country-of-residence Country of residence       yes yes Country 
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ         yes datetime
created-by User who created         yes User
default-account default_account       yes yes Account 
default-account-type default_account_type       yes yes Account Type 
default-address default_address       yes yes Address 
default-currency default_currency       yes yes Currency 
default-locale Default locale       yes yes string(10)
department department       yes yes Department 
email email yes yes   yes yes string(255)
employee-number employee number   yes   yes yes string(255)
employee-payment-channel Determine how expenses will be paid to the employee. 'ERP' per default and can be switched to 'CoupaPay' if instance allows it.       yes yes string(255)
escalation-threshold Escalation threshold       yes yes Approval Limit 
expense-approval-limit expense_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
expense-self-approval-limit expense_self_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
expense-user Does the user have an Expense License?       yes yes boolean
expenses-delegated-to Expenses delegated to         yes User
firstname first name yes     yes yes string(40)
fullname full name         yes string(255)
generate-password-and-notify Set to Yes if you want the system to invite the user to the system and have them set up their password     Yes, No yes   string
id Coupa unique identifier         yes integer
inventory-organizations inventory_organizations       yes yes Inventory Organization
inventory-user Inventory user       yes yes boolean
invoice-approval-limit invoice_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
invoice-self-approval-limit Maximum amount allowed for Invoice self approvals       yes yes Approval Limit 
lastname last name yes     yes yes string(40)
legal-entity Legal Entity       yes yes Legal Entity 
login login yes yes   yes yes string(255)
manager Manager       yes yes User
mention-name Mention Name   yes   yes yes string(255)
middlename middle name       yes yes string(255)
password Changed password       yes   string
phone-mobile phone mobile       yes yes Phone Number 
phone-work phone work       yes yes Phone Number 
purchasing-user Does the user have a Purchasing License?       yes yes boolean
requisition-approval-limit requisition_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
requisition-self-approval-limit requisition_self_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
risk-assess-user Does the user have a Risk Assess License?       yes yes boolean
roles roles       yes yes Role 
salesforce-enabled salesforce_enabled       yes   boolean
salesforce-id salesforce_id yes     yes yes string(255)
self-approval-limit Maximum amount allowed for self approvals       yes   Approval Limit 
seniority-level The employee's job grade or band in your company's hierarchy.       yes yes string(255)
sourcing-user Sourcing user       yes yes boolean
spend-guard-user Does the user have a Spend Guard License?       yes yes boolean
sso-identifier User's Single Sign-on ID (SSO ID)       yes yes string(255)
supply-chain-user Does the user have a Supply Chain License?       yes yes boolean
travel-user Does the user have a Travel License?       yes yes boolean
treasury_user Does the user have a Treasury License?       yes yes boolean
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ         yes datetime
updated-by User who updated         yes User
user-groups User groups       yes yes User Group 
work-confirmation-approval-limit work_confirmation_approval_limit       yes yes Approval Limit 
working-warehouses working_warehouses       yes yes Warehouse 
msp_user Boolean flag to tell if the user is of MSP type     any   yes boolean
invoicing_user Does the user have a Invoicing License? any yes boolean

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