Inventory Consumptions API (/inventory_consumptions)

The URL to access inventory consumptions is: https://<instance>/api/inventory_consumptions


This resource is associated with Receipts API.


Inventory Consumptions allow you to:

Verb Path Action Description
POST /api/inventory_consumptions create Create inventory consumptions
GET /api/inventory_consumptions index Query inventory consumptions
GET /api/inventory_consumptions/:id show Show inventory consumptions
PATCH /api/inventory_consumptions/:id update Update inventory consumptions
PUT /api/inventory_consumptions/:id update Update inventory consumptions export flag only

The Type payload for /api/inventory_consumptions includes:


For more information about the Inventory Consumptions API payload, see Receipts API Example Calls.


Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
account Receipt Account Code yes yes Account
account-allocations account_allocations yes yes Inventory Transaction Allocation
adjustment-code Adjustment code no no any yes yes Adjustment Code
asn-header ASN Header yes Asn/Header
asn-line ASN Line yes yes Asn/Line
asset-tags Semi Colon seperated list of Asset Tag Identifiers yes Asset Tag
attachments attachments yes Attachment
barcode Barcode Value yes yes string(255)
comments Comments for voiding transaction no no any yes text
created-at Time of Inventory Transaction Creation yes datetime
created-by User who created yes User
currency currency code no no any yes Currency
current-integration-history-records Current integration history records yes Integration History Record
exported Indicates if transaction has been exported yes yes boolean
from-warehouse Warehouse ID yes Warehouse
from-warehouse-location Coupa's Internal From-Warehouse-Location ID yes yes Warehouse Location
id Coupa's Internal Inventory Transaction ID yes integer
inspection-code Inspection Code yes yes Inspection Code
inventory-transaction-valuations Inventory Transaction Valuations yes Inventory Transaction Valuation
item item yes yes Item
last-exported-at Date and time transaction was last exported in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
match-reference Three-way match attribute to connect with Receipt and ASN Line yes yes string(255)
order-line Item Number yes yes Order Line
original_transaction Displays any custom fields associated with the original receipt when creating a return or void. yes
original_transaction_id ID of the original transaction, when the transaction is partially voided no no any yes integer
price Item Price yes yes decimal(30,6)
quantity Receipt Quantity yes yes decimal(30,6)
reason_insight Voiding reason no no any yes
receipt receipt yes Receipt
receipts-batch-id Receipts Batch ID yes integer
received-weight Inventory Transaction Received Weight yes yes decimal(30,6)
receiving-form-response receiving_form_response yes Form Response
rfid-tag RFID Tag Value yes yes yes string(255)
soft-close-for-receiving Soft close PO line for Receiving yes boolean
status Inventory Transaction Status yes string(255)
to-warehouse Warehouse ID yes Warehouse
to-warehouse-location Coupa's Internal To-Warehouse-Location ID yes yes Warehouse Location
total Receipt Total yes yes decimal(30,6)
transaction-date Actual date of transaction yes yes datetime
type Inventory Transaction Type yes yes yes string(255)
uom Unit of Measure Code yes yes Uom
updated-at Time of Inventory Transaction Updation yes datetime
updated-by User who updated yes User
voided_value Total quantity/amount that was voided no no any yes decimal(30,6)
inventory_transaction_lots any yes []