Expense Category Import

Expense Category

Field Name Required Field Unique? Field Type Field Description Possible Values
Name* Yes Yes string(255) Expense Category Name
Key* Yes No Expense Category Key
Group No No string(255) Group of Expense Category
Active* Yes No boolean Specifies whether the category is usable or selectable true, false
Attendee Tracking Enabled No No boolean Enable attendee tracking for category
Exclude User as Attendee No No User will not be able to add themselves as an attendee for this category
Attendee Types No No List of allowed attendee types, separated by comma ','
Type No No string(255) Type of Expense Category
Currency No No Expense Policy Currency Code (3 Characters)
Content Groups No No Expense Policy Content Group Names
Limit Amount No No Expense Policy Limit Amount
Show Frugal Meter No No Determine if the Coupa Frugal Meter should be shown
Requires Receipt No No Does the Expense Policy Require a Receipt
Summary No No Expense Policy Summary
Text No No Expense Policy Text
Distance Unit No No Distance Unit in (Km / Mi)
Require Address No No Determine if Address fields should be shown
Show Map No No Determine if Google map should be shown
Simple Fixed Rate Enabled No No Determine if mileage category type is Fixed Rate
Simple Fixed Rate Amount No No Rate to be applied for Fixed Rate Mileage Category
Simple Fixed Rate Currency No No Rate currency
Country No No Home Country for Advanced Mileage
Vehicle Type Rule Enabled No No Determine if Vehicle Type should be shown
Vehicle Type Prompt No No Prompt for Vehicle Type
Region Rule Enabled No No Determine if Region should be shown
Region Prompt No No Prompt for Region
Passenger Count Rule Enabled No No Determine if Passenger Count should be shown
Passenger Count Prompt No No Prompt for Passenger Count
Mileage Accumulation Rule Enabled No No Determine if Mileage should be accumulated
Accumulation Period Start Day Month No No Period Start Day Month for accumulation cycle
Base Rate No No Base Rate
Rate 2 No No Rate 2
Rate 3 No No Rate 3
Rate 4 No No Rate 4
Rate 5 No No Rate 5