Item Export

Export of these records is included as a Standard CSV Export.


Field Name Description Field Type Required/Unique Possible Values
Name Item's Name string(255) Yes/No
Description Item's Description text Yes/No
UOM Code Item's Unit Of Measure Code No/No
Purchasable Flag if item is purchasable boolean No/No
Item Number Item Number string(255) No/Yes
Image Url Item's Image Url No/No
Commodity Item's Commodity Name string No/No
Tags Item's Tags Tag No/No
Require Inspection? Does the item require an Inspection? boolean No/No
Require Asset Tag? Does the item require an Asset Tag? boolean No/No
Require RFID? Does the item require an RFID tag? boolean No/No
Created At Date document was created datetime No/No
Updated At Date document was last updated datetime No/No