Core API and CSV Download Formats

Download API schema files in JSON format to import into your REST client, or download CSV import and export formats as Excel files.


API schemas

CSV Import

CSV Export


R39 Core PlaItform API

R39 Purchasing API

R39 Expense Reporting API

R39 Sourcing API

R39 Inventory API

R39 Invoicing API

R39 CLM Standard API

R39 Supplier Risk API

R39 Coupa Pay Base API

R39 Supply Chain API

R38 CSV Import Formats R39 CSV Export Formats


R38 Core PlaItform API

R38 Purchasing API

R38 Expense Reporting API

R38 Sourcing API

R38 Inventory API

R38 Invoicing API

R38 CLM Standard API

R38 Supplier Risk API

R38 Coupa Pay Base API

R38 Supply Chain API

R38 Worker Management API

R38 CSV Import Formats

R38 CSV Export Formats


R37 Core Platform API

R37 Purchasing API

R37 Expense Reporting API

R37 Sourcing API

R37 Inventory API

R37 CLM Standard API

R37 Supplier Risk API

R37 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R37 Coupa Pay Base API

R37 Supply Chain API

R37 Project Without License API

R37 Custom Object Without License API

R37 CSV Import Formats

R37 CSV Export Formats


R36 Core Platform API

R36 Purchasing API

R36 Expense Reporting API

R36 Sourcing API

R36 Inventory API

R36 CLM Standard API

R36 Supplier Risk API

R36 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R36 Coupa Pay Base API

R36 Supply Chain API

R36 CSV Import Formats

R36 CSV Export Formats


R35 Core Platform API

R35 Purchasing API

R35 Expense Reporting API

R35 Sourcing API

R35 Inventory API

R35 CLM Standard API

R35 Supplier Risk API

R35 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R35 Supply Chain API

R35 CSV Import Formats

R35 CSV Export Formats


R34 Core Platform API

R34 Purchasing API

R34 Expense Reporting API

R34 Sourcing API

R34 Inventory API

R34 CLM Standard API

R34 Supplier Risk API

R34 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R34 CSV Import Formats

R34 CSV Export Formats


R33 Core Platform API

R33 Purchasing API

R33 Expense Reporting API

R33 Sourcing API

R33 Inventory API

R33 CLM Standard API

R33 Supplier Risk API

R33 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R33 CSV Import Formats

R33 CSV Export Formats


R32 Core Platform API

R32 Purchasing API

R32 Expense Reporting API

R32 Sourcing API

R32 Inventory API

R32 CLM Standard API

R32 Supplier Risk API

R32 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R32 CSV Import Formats

R32 CSV Export Formats


R31 Core Platform API

R31 Purchasing API

R31 Expense Reporting API

R31 Sourcing API

R31 Inventory API

R31 CLM Standard API

R31 Supplier Risk API

R31 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R31 CSV Import Formats

R31 CSV Export Formats


R30 Core Platform API

R30 Purchasing API

R30 Expense Reporting API

R30 Inventory API

R30 Supplier Risk API

R30 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R30 CSV Import Formats

R30 CSV Export Formats


R29 Core Platform API

R29 Purchasing API

R29 Expense Reporting API

R29 Sourcing API

R29 Inventory API

R29 CLM Standard API

R29 Supplier Risk API

R29 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R29 CSV Import Formats

R29 CSV Export Formats


R28 Core Platform API

R28 Purchasing API

R28 Expense Reporting API

R28 Sourcing API

R28 Inventory API

R28 Contracts API

R28 Supplier Risk API

R28 CSV Import Formats

R28 CSV Export Formats


R27 Core Platform API

R27 Purchasing API

R27 Expense Reporting API

R27 Sourcing API

R27 Inventory API

R27 Contracts API

R27 Supplier Risk API

R27 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R27 CSV Import Formats

R27 CSV Export Formats


R26 Core Platform API

R26 Purchasing API

R26 Expense Reporting API

R26 Sourcing API

R26 Contracts API

R26 Supplier Risk API

R26 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R26 CSV Import Formats

R26 CSV Export Formats


R25 Core Platform API

R25 Purchasing API

R25 Expense Reporting API

R25 Sourcing API

R25 Contracts API

R25 Coupa Pay Virtual Card API

R25 CSV Import Formats

R25 CSV Export Formats


R24 Core Platform API

R24 Purchasing API

R24 Expense Reporting API

R24 Sourcing API

R24 Contracts API

R24 CSV Import Formats

R24 CSV Export Formats


R23 Core Platform API

R23 Purchasing API

R23 Expense Reporting API

R23 Sourcing API

R23 Contracts API

R23 CSV Import Formats

R23 CSV Export Formats


R22 Core Platform API

R22 Purchasing API

R22 Expense Reporting API

R22 Sourcing API

R22 Contracts API

R22 CSV Import Formats

R22 CSV Export Formats


R21 API Schema

R21 CSV Import Formats

R21 CSV Export Formats