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Sourcing API (/quote_requests)

Use the Coupa Sourcing API to create new RFx events, see supplier responses, and award suppliers at the line level.


Use the sourcing API to:

  1. Create RFP, RFI, or RFQ type events.
  2. Extract supplier responses to the event.
  3. Award events to suppliers at the line level.

For the Coupa back end, a sourcing event is known as a quote request.


The following endpoints are available for sourcing API.

Resource Path Description
Sourcing events


Endpoint for creating new sourcing events and managing existing events
Supplier responses


Endpoint for working with supplier responses
Sourcing suppliers


Endpoint for getting info about suppliers on a sourcing event

Example calls

Create a new sourcing event

POST /api/quote_requests/

To create a new event, you can send a basic POST. Include the <event-type> element or else Coupa will default to an RFI.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
	<event-type type="symbol">RFQ</event-type>

201 Success response

Coupa returns the newly-created sourcing event, with a unique <id> .

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<id type="integer">1434</id>
	<created-at type="dateTime">2018-04-11T10:37:25-07:00</created-at>
	<updated-at type="dateTime">2018-04-11T10:46:58-07:00</updated-at>
	<description nil="true" />
	<start-time type="dateTime">2018-04-11T17:00:00-07:00</start-time>
	<start-on-submit type="boolean">true</start-on-submit>
	<event-type type="symbol">rfi</event-type>
	<end-time type="dateTime">2018-04-25T17:00:00-07:00</end-time>
	<comments nil="true" />
	<allow-multiple-response type="boolean">true</allow-multiple-response>
	<sealed-bids type="boolean">true</sealed-bids>
	<allow-award-individual-line-items type="boolean">false</allow-award-individual-line-items>
	<automatic-bid-unsealing type="boolean">true</automatic-bid-unsealing>
	<lots type="array" />
	<lines type="array" />
	<quote-suppliers type="array" />
	<attachments type="array" />
	<forms type="array" />
	<quote-request-attachments type="array" />
	<tags type="array" />
	<business-partners type="array" />
	<custom-fields />

See all the supplier responses for a specific event

GET /api/quote_requests/{event_id}/quote_responses

200 OK response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<quote-responses type="array">
		<id type="integer">1080</id>
		<created-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:28-07:00</created-at>
		<updated-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:34-07:00</updated-at>
		<quote-request-id type="integer">1429</quote-request-id>
		<submitted-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:34-07:00</submitted-at>
		<position type="integer">2</position>
		<comments nil="true" />
		<lines type="array">
				<id type="integer">7447</id>
				<created-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:28-07:00</created-at>
				<updated-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:33-07:00</updated-at>
				<price-amount type="decimal">200.0</price-amount>
				<quantity type="decimal">1.0</quantity>
				<reporting-price-amount type="decimal">200.0</reporting-price-amount>
				<quote-request-line-id type="integer">5834</quote-request-line-id>
				<lot-id type="integer">0</lot-id>
			<id type="integer">1714</id>
			<created-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:50:21-07:00</created-at>
			<updated-at type="dateTime">2018-04-10T05:51:34-07:00</updated-at>
			<contact-name />
			<supplier nil="true" />

Award an event to a supplier

POST /api/quote_responses/{response_id}/award

Once you've got the response <id> , you can use it to award the response.

Payload to award

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

if you don't specify any quote response line IDs (7447 as per example above) you can award all lines at once.

200 OK Response

Coupa returns a 200 OK with no body.

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