Return Requests API (/return_requests)

Create and work with return requests to return inventory items to suppliers.

The URL to access return requests is: https://<instance>/api/return_requests


This resource is associated with Receipts API.


The Return Requests API includes these methods:

Verb Path Action Description
GET /api/return_requests index Query return requests
GET /api/return_requests/:id show Query a return request by ID 
POST /api/return_requests create Create a return request in draft status 
POST /api/return_requests/:id/submit submit Submit a return request for approval
PUT/PATCH /api/return_requests/:id update  Update a return request that is in draft status
DELETE /api/return_requests/:id destroy Delete a return request in draft status only 

For more information about the Return Requests API payload, see Receipts API Example Calls.


Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
address Address yes yes yes Address
created-at Created Date yes datetime
created-by Created By yes User
id ID yes integer
lines Return Lines yes yes yes ReturnRequestLine
number Return # yes yes string(255)
rma RMA yes yes string(255)
status Status yes yes string(255)
updated-at Updated Date yes datetime
updated-by Updated By yes User

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