Remit to Addresses Export

Export of these records is included as a Standard CSV Export.

Remit To Address

Field Name Description Field Type Required/Unique Possible Values
Name Nickname to help identify the address string(255) No/No
Id Coupa Generated Unique Id integer No/No
Supplier Number Supplier number for remit to address No/No
Remit To Code Unique identifying code per supplier string(255) Yes/Yes
Line 1 Street Line 1 of the address string(255) Yes/No
Line 2 Street Line 2 of the address string(255) No/No
City City of the address string(255) Yes/No
State State of the address string(255) No/No
Postal Code Zip code or postal code string(255) Yes/No
Country Code ISO standard Country Code No/No
Attention Attention string(255) No/No
Active Active address? boolean No/No
VAT Number VAT Number string(255) No/No
VAT Country Code VAT Country Code No/No
Local Tax Number Local Tax Number string(255) Yes/No
Tax Numbers Tax Numbers No/No
Tax Countries Tax Countries No/No