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Exception Handling and Error Codes

An exception is thrown when something goes wrong when executing a request. The exception will contain an error code and may also contain a short description which will help you understand what went wrong during the request. There are many reasons an exception may occur, below are some common reasons:

  • Your code expects a value from a field that is currently null
  • An insert or update statement fails to pass a validation rule
  • Assigning a query that returns no records
  • Accessing a list index that is out of bounds

For the list of standard HTTP status codes, click here: https://httpstatuses.com/

Query rate limitations

Coupa limits the number of requests made to the API to 25 requests per second and a burst query limit of 20 calls. So, if you make calls more quickly than the rate limit, Coupa will querey up to 20 calls.



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