Approval Chain Import


The Approval chains Import process reads files from ./Incoming/ApprovalChains/ in the SFTP. These files will be moved to the archive folder located at ./Incoming/Archive/ApprovalChains/ before being processed in alphanumeric order.

Keys & Validations

Approval Chain Name and Approval Chain Type are the keys to update an existing approval chain. Both these keys are needed in order to perform an update. You cannot update the type of an existing approval chain.

You cannot create Orders and Requisitions approval chains with the same name. Loading an approval name for orders with the same name of an existing one for requisitions through the bulk loader will cause the Approval Chain Type to change from "requisition" to "order" (it's also true vice versa).

Currently supported conditions and operations:

  • Accounts (equals, contains)

  • Commodity (equals, contains, not contains)

  • Item (equals, contains, not contains)

  • Requester (equals, contains, not contains)

Approval chains created through the loader follow the same validations as those created through the UI.

Note: Priority cannot be 50 because 50 is the management hierarchy. This means that a chain that's less than 50 fires before management hierarchy while a chain that's greater than 50 fires after management hierarchy.

Approval Chain

Field Name Required Field Unique? Field Type Field Description Possible Values
Approval Chain Name No No Unique Approval Chain Name
Status No No Active or Inactive
Approval Chain Type No No Some possible values: requisition requisition-submission-blocking requisition-approval-blocking requisition-hierarchy expense invoice invoice-submission-blocking invoice-submission-warning invoice-approval-blocking invoice-hierarchy contract-hierarchy contract contract-submission-blocking contract-submission-warning easy-form-user contract-round
Priority No No Order in which to evaluate approval chain. Number from 1 to 49 and 51 to 99
Skip Approvers No No Skip Approvers prior to self if on approval chain
Skip Management Hierarchy No No Skip Management Hierarchy if this chain matches
Skip Further Approvers No No Skip Further Approvers if this chain matches
Auto Approve Self No No Auto Approve Self if added to approval chain
Dedupe OBO User and Auto Approve No No Override On Behalf Of user, keep the approval chain approver and auto approve the approval
Always Evaluate No No Always Evaluate
Parallel No No Parallel approvals supported
Total Comparator No No The total comparator
Minimum Total Amount No No Minimum allowed approval total
Maximum Total Amount No No Maximum allowed approval total
Total Currency No No Currency Code for total currency
Minimum Approval Limit No No Minimum Approval Limit
Maximum Approval Limit Amount No No Maximum Approval Limit Amount
Maximum Approval Limit Currency No No Maximum Approval Limit Currency
Maximum Approval Limit No No Maximum Approval Limit
Operator No No The conditions operator
Condition 1 No No Condition 1 - Colon : seperated list of val:field:condition
Condition 2 No No Condition 2
Condition 3 No No Condition 3
Condition 4 No No Condition 4
Condition 5 No No Condition 5
Condition 6 No No Condition 6
Description No No Set custom notification text for the condition(s) you have set above. If you leave this field blank, the system will use the name of the configuration you set as the default text.
Approver 1 No No Approver 1 - Colon : seperated value consisting of user_login;amount;currency_code
Approver 2 No No Approver 2
Approver 3 No No Approver 3
Approver 4 No No Approver 4
Approver 5 No No Approver 5
Approver 6 No No Approver 6
Approver 7 No No Approver 7
Approver 8 No No Approver 8
Approver 9 No No Approver 9
Approver 10 No No Approver 10
Watcher 1 No No Watcher 1 - User Login to add as watcher
Watcher 2 No No Watcher 2
Watcher 3 No No Watcher 3
Watcher 4 No No Watcher 4
Watcher 5 No No Watcher 5
Approver Params No No semi-colon ; seperated list of parameters. Each parameter begins with an identifier than any needed values seperated by a colon : Example identifiers are first_approver, middle_approvers and last_approver. sample values for these are skip, watcher, or approver. Other examples are escalation:User:<UserLogin>, escalation:ApprovalGroup:<GroupName> where the bracketed values should be replaced by the actual Login or Name.
Validation Message No No Approval Chain Message / Description
Signatory 1 No No Signatory 1 - User Login to as signatory
Signatory 2 No No Signatory 2
Signatory 3 No No Signatory 3
Signatory 4 No No Signatory 4
Signatory 5 No No Signatory 5
Applies to Supplier No No Applies to Supplier

Approval Group

Field Name Required Field Unique? Field Type Field Description Possible Values
Name Yes Yes string(255) Name
Id No No integer Coupa Generated Id
Active No No boolean If this Project or Group is currently Active
Owner No No Owner group will receive notifications on Approval Group errors
Users By Login No No A semi-colon (;) seperated list of Logins for ALL users of this project or group
Users By Employee Number No No A semi-colon (;) seperated list of Employee Numbers for ALL users of this project or group
Description No No Description