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Registered Company API


This API resource is available through Invoices API and Invoice Lines API.


Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
authorized-person-address Authorized Person Address         yes string(255)
authorized-person-name Authorized Person Name         yes string(255)
authorized-person-vat-id Authorized Person Vat Id         yes string(255)
chairman-of-the-board Chairman of the Board         yes string(255)
commercial-register-number Commercial Register & Number         yes string(255)
company-in-examinership Company in examinership         yes boolean
company-is-being-wound-up Company is being wound up         yes boolean
company-receiver-appointed Receiver of the property of a company has been appointed         yes boolean
company-registration-number Company Registration Number         yes string(20)
company-type Type of Company         yes string(255)
country country yes       yes Country 
court-of-registration Court of Registration         yes string(255)
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ         yes datetime
date-of-registration Date of Registration         yes date
file-reference-number File Reference No.         yes string(255)
id Coupa unique identifier         yes integer
issued-share-capital Unpaid Share Capital         yes decimal(32,4)
legal-type Legal Type of Company         yes string(255)
liable-company Liable Company         yes string(255)
license-number License Number         yes string(255)
liquidation-remark Remark if Company in Liquidation         yes string(255)
liquidator-name Liquidator Name         yes string(255)
managing-directors Managing Directors         yes string(255)
name Registered company legal name yes       yes string(255)
number-of-issued-stocks Number of Issued Stocks         yes integer
permanent_account_number           yes string(255)
permit-date Permit Date         yes string(255)
permit-number Permit Number         yes string(255)
place-of-registration Place of Registration         yes string(255)
preference-agreement Preference Agreement         yes string(255)
register-legal-entities Register Legal Entities         yes string(255)
registered-seat Registered Seat         yes string(255)
registration-authority QST Registration Number         yes string(255)
share-capital Share Capital         yes string(255)
sole-registration-code Sole Registration Code         yes string(255)
supplier-phone-number Supplier Telephone Number         yes string(255)
tax-regime Tax Regime         yes string(255)
unique-shareholder Unique Shareholder         yes string(255)
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ         yes datetime

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