Cash Flow Export - CSV Format

Format Description

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Cash Flows Export Standard CSV






GL Account No.

char - 30

GL account number as set up in Coupa Treasury


Account No.

char - 50


Bookings GL Account No.

char - 30

Bookings GL account number as set up in Coupa Treasury


Bookings Account No.

char - 50


Varies according to chosen filter criteria

Determined by table data

Export Function

On Cash Flows, the export function is under the More button.

On Cash Flows (classic), the export function is at the top of the data table.

Format Rules

The export function uses the user-defined Export Format Settings under User Settings.

The file does not contain any headers or format descriptions.

One file can contain transactions from multiple bank accounts.

Each row in the file contains exactly one dataset:

  • ASCII Code 13: carriage return denotes the end of a data set.

  • ASCII Code 10: new line denotes the end of a data set.

For text values, there are no quotation marks. The char value is the maximum number of characters for that field.

Days and months are always 2-digit values and years are 4-digit values.


Negative amounts use a leading minus sign (-). Whole integers have no decimals. There are no thousands separators.

Example Data Sets

Optional fields may remain empty. Empty fields are denoted by field separators only. The sample datasets below contain empty fields.

  • Field Separator = semicolon (;)

  • Date Separator = period (.)

  • Date Sequence = dmy

  • Decimal Separator = comma (,)

GL_BoA_Acc_EUR;1234567893;GL_DB_ Acc_EUR;98765432190;TWAG-BoA FFM-EUR;TWAG;13.05.2019;623147,19;Other Income;Account Statement;TWAG-ALPEN-EUR

GL_DB_ Acc_EUR;98765432190;GL_BoA_Acc_EUR;1234567893;TWAG-ALPEN-EUR;TWAG;13.05.2019;-623147,19;Other Income;Account Statement;TWAG-BoA FFM-EUR

GL_BoA_Acc_EUR;1234567893;;;TWAG-BoA FFM-EUR;TWAG;13.05.2019;623147,19;Other Income;File;