Itemized Expense Line API


This API resource is associated with Expense Line Api.


The following elements are available for the Itemized Expense Line API:

Element Description Req'd Unique Allowable Value In Out Data Type
account Account yes yes Account
account-allocations Account allocations yes yes Expense Line Allocation
accounting-total Accounting total yes decimal(32,4)
accounting-total-currency Accounting total currency yes yes Currency
amount Amount yes yes decimal(32,4)
approved-amount Approved amount yes yes decimal(32,4)
audit-status Audit status yes yes Audit Status
created-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
created-by User who created yes Users
currency Currency of transaction yes yes Currency
custom-field-1 Custom field 1 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-10 Custom field 10 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-11 Custom field 11 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-12 Custom field 12 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-13 Custom field 13 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-14 Custom field 14 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-15 Custom field 15 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-16 Custom field 16 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-17 Custom field 17 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-18 Custom field 18 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-19 Custom field 19 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-2 Custom field 2 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-20 Custom field 20 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-3 Custom field 3 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-4 Custom field 4 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-5 Custom field 5 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-6 Custom field 6 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-7 Custom field 7 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-8 Custom field 8 yes yes string(255)
custom-field-9 Custom field 9 yes yes string(255)
description Description yes yes string(1550)
divisor Divisor unit yes yes decimal(30,2)
end-date Divisor end date yes yes datetime
exchange-rate Exchange rate yes yes decimal(30,9)
expense-artifacts Expense artifacts yes Expense Artifact
expense-category Expense category yes yes yes Expense Category
expense-category-custom-field-1 Expense category custom field 1 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-10 Expense category custom field 10 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-2 Expense category custom field 2 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-3 Expense category custom field 3 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-4 Expense category custom field 4 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-5 Expense category custom field 5 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-6 Expense category custom field 6 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-7 Expense category custom field 7 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-8 Expense category custom field 8 yes yes text
expense-category-custom-field-9 Expense category custom field 9 yes yes text
expense-date Expense date yes yes datetime
expense-line-imported-data Expense line imported data yes ExpenseLineImportedData
expense-line-taxes Expense line taxes yes ExpenseLineTax
expense-report-id Expense report id yes integer
expensed-by Expensed by user yes yes Users
external-src-data External source data yes string(255)
external-src-name External source name yes yes string(255)
external-src-ref External source reference yes yes yes string(255)
foreign-currency Foreign currency yes yes yes Currency
foreign-currency-amount Foreign currency amount yes yes decimal(32,4)
foreign-currency-id Foreign currency id yes integer
frugality Frugality yes
id Coupa unique identifier yes yes integer
integration Corp card integration name yes Integration
line-number Expense line number yes
merchant Merchant yes yes string(255)
order-line-id Order line id yes yes integer
over-limit Over limit flag yes boolean
parent-expense-line-id Parent expense line id yes integer
parent-external-src-data Parent External Source Data yes string
parent-external-src-name Parent External Source Name yes string
parent-external-src-ref Parent External Source Ref yes string
period Period yes yes Period
reason Reason yes yes string(255)
receipt-total-amount Receipt total amount yes yes decimal(32,4)
receipt-total-currency-id Receipt total currency id yes yes integer
reporting-total Reporting total yes decimal(32,4)
start-date Divisor start date yes yes yes datetime
status Transaction status yes string(255)
suggested-exchange-rate Suggested exchange rate yes Exchange Rate
type Type yes string(255)
updated-at Automatically created by Coupa in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MMZ yes datetime
updated-by User who updated yes Users
expense-attendees Expense attendees yes yes ExpenseAttendee
per_diem_trip Expense Per-diem Trip Information yes string
expense_trip Expense trip yes yes ExpenseTrip
expense_line_daily_per_diems Daily per diems with amount information for each day yes ExpenseLineDailyPerDiem