Emptoris and Coupa Integrations

Revised: 13 January 2016


Customers using Contracts and Sourcing capabilities in Emptoris benefit from seamless integration between the Coupa platform and Emptoris. This allows our customers to capture spend against contracts, provide contract visibility, monitor contracts for a variety of contract life cycle events such as Auto-renewal, Contract Expiration, over/under utilization of contracts, etc. Customers can also integrate the end-result of the sourcing events into Coupa so they can benefit by having their end users purchase goods with negotiated prices.


Once the contracts are created in Emptoris, you can integrate the contract information into Coupa through through a flat file integration.

  • Contract Name and Number
  • Minimum and Maximum Spend
  • Contract Start and End Dates
  • Contract visibility via Content Zones
  • Contract Supplier

Once the contracts are integrated into Coupa, below are some of the ways this information can be used in Coupa:

  • One central location for your business users to access their spend and negotiated contracts
  • Through Content Security in Coupa, you can restrict the visibility of the contracts to designated individuals
  • You can setup custom alerts on the Contracts to keep the Contract Audit, Administrators and business owners informed about the following events:
    • Contract Expiration events (example: Contract is about to expire in 30/60/90 etc days)
    • Contract over/under utilization (example: Contract is nearing it's term and is grossly under utilized or alternatively, contract is 10 days into it's life and has already consumed 50% of the commitment)
  • You can schedule custom reports or ad-hoc reports to identify Contracts with special clauses such as early termination penalties, rebates, contracts with auto-renewal, etc

If you revise a contract in Emptoris, you can feed the updates into Coupa. This will create a new revision of the contract in Coupa but the contract number can remain the same and continue to function as a valid contract. Some of the changes you can make to a contract are:

  • Min and Max commitments
  • Contract expiration date
  • Content Zones to control the contract visibility and security

Sourcing Events

In Emptoris, through sourcing events, you can re-negotiate the price of the catalog items. Once the negotiations events are complete, you can integrate the catalog item information from Emptoris into Coupa. The advantage of doing this is so you can have your end users purchasing items on negotiated prices vs list price.

  • The items can be integrated into Coupa and made associated with Contracts in Coupa so the end-users will not only get the negotiated rates, but the spend will all be captured against specific contracts so it can be easily measured
  • If required, Coupa also has the ability to take updates to the catalog items by:
    • Synchronizing the price, commodity, part number, manufacturer changes
    • Deactivate items that are no longer purchasable
    • Variety of item information into standard fields

If you are using Emptoris and Coupa, we can work with you to configure the two systems to synchronize the data in a seamless way and fulfill your requirements.