Coupa Scan One Integration

Revised: 24 July 2017

Coupa and Scan One have partnered to create seamless integration between the two systems for the benefit of our mutual customers. You can learn more about the Coupa and Scan One relationship by contacting our Coupa Alliances Group at Below is a high-level overview diagram of the integration. By standardizing the object transfer between the two systems, we provide a fully integrated system that can help our customers achieve invoice automation.

The following is a breakdown of general business and system level events and integrations:

  1. Customer selects Coupa and Scan One to deliver an automated P2P platform
  2. Customer works with Scan One to establish a lock-box for receiving all the supplier invoices
  3. Coupa and Scan One will enable the integrations. Coupa starts synchronizing the master data such as Suppliers, GL Codes, etc into Scan One as these are required for creating Invoices
  4. Our customers create a Requisition and PO in Coupa and send the PO to the Supplier
  5. Coupa also sends the PO data to Scan One so it can be used as reference data on the invoice capture information
  6. Supplier ships the goods and our customer receives them
  7. Supplier sends the invoice to Scan One lock-box or fax or on-line store entry
  8. Scan One compiles all the structured data from the paper invoice including the invoice header/lines and also references the PO and GL data
  9. Scan One interfaces the invoice information into Coupa which is then imported into Coupa after performing all validations
  10. Customer reviews and based on invoice tolerance failures will approve/reject the Invoice in Coupa
  11. Coupa interfaces the Ok2Pay information to the customer ERP resulting in payment processing to the supplier

For Integrations:

From Coupa to Scan One:

  • GL Accounts
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders

From Scan One to Coupa:

  • Invoices - along with PO matching information and also Invoice Image Scan files. Coupa imports the invoice data along with the scanned image

All integrations are built based on standards allowing Coupa and Scan One to rapidly enable an automated P2P process for our customers

All our standard formats for exchanging data between the systems can be found at our Integration Wiki.