Partial Receipt Voids Using Outbound Integration

Revised: 18 August 2020


This feature enables a receipt to be voided for a partial quantity or amount. See Partial Voiding of Receipt for more info.

Partial vs full void

Old Process New Process
Available out of the box without additional configuration/settings Needs to be turned on from the Setup > Company Setup > Company information page (refer screenshots below)
Users can only void receipts for full quantity/amount Users can void receipts for partial quantity/amount
On voiding, receipt status changes from created to voided On voiding, original receipt status changes to partially voided/voided and new receipt created with status created and type has changed
Key columns used: Quantity, Amount, PO Number, Line number, status, type Key columns used: Quantity, Voided Quantity, PO Number, Line number, status, type, transaction reference
All custom fields available on the receipts Custom fields available only on the original transaction (status: partially voided or voided post voiding and Transaction Types highlighted in green in the table below)  

and not on the newly created receipt

Integration flow


Transaction types that can be exported through CSV

For more information, see Inventory Transaction Types.

Transaction Type Exported through Integrations?
Voided Inventory Receipt Yes
Voided Receiving Quantity Consumption Yes
Voided Receiving Amount Consumption Yes
Voided Receiving Quantity Disposal No
Voided Receiving Amount Disposal No
Voided Receiving Quantity Return To Supplier No
Voided Receiving Amount Return To Supplier No
Voided Receiving Amount Disposal No
Voided Receiving Quantity Return To Supplier No
Voided Receiving Amount Return To Supplier No
Inventory Receipt Yes
Receiving Consumption Yes
Receiving Amount Consumption Yes
Receiving Quantity Consumption Receiving Return To Supplier Yes
Receiving Amount Return To Supplier Yes
Receiving Quantity Return To Supplier Yes
Receiving Disposal Yes
Receiving Amount Disposal Yes
Receiving Quantity Disposal Yes

API parameters

Type Endpoint URL Action Parameters Sample URL/Payload
POST /api/inventory_transactions Create a new receipt Valid types are InventoryAdjustment, InventoryTransfer, InventoryConsumption, InventoryDisposal, VoidInventoryReceipt, VoidInventoryConsumption, VoidReceivingQuantityConsumption, VoidReceivingAmountConsumption, VoidReceivingQuantityDisposal, VoidReceivingAmountDisposal, VoidReceivingQuantityReturnToSupplier, VoidReceivingAmountReturnToSupplier, InventoryReceipt, ReceivingConsumption, ReceivingAmountConsumption, ReceivingQuantityConsumption, ReceivingReturnToSupplier, ReceivingAmountReturnToSupplier, ReceivingQuantityReturnToSupplier, ReceivingDisposal, ReceivingAmountDisposal, ReceivingQuantityDisposal <inventory-transaction>
  <quantity type="decimal">5.0</quantity>
      <id type="integer">4977</id>
      <order-header-id type="integer">3480</order-header-id>
POST /api/inventory_transactions Create a full / partial void receipt The quantity or price indicates if it is partial or full <inventory-transaction>
  <quantity type="decimal">4.0</quantity>

* Please refer to the table Transaction types that can be exported through CSV for the transaction types that can be exported through API.


  • With partial voiding, only few Transaction types can be exported through integrations. Please consider this in the design. Refer the table above ‘Transaction types that can be exported through CSV’ 
  • It is recommended to enable partial voiding only when all the considerations are discussed, and the integration design works with the ERP. Turning the feature on and off is not recommended.
  • Enabling partial voiding will impact existing integration setup for Coupa Outbound Receipt Integration
  • Please make sure the following feature is disabled under /support page





Exception handling

The receipts created voided immediately (before the integration run was initiated) will not have the original transactions in the csv export. To manage this situation there is one available option:

  • The customer to only void full receipts immediately after creation (before the integrations run), in the ERP, if the Receipt ID does not exist and the receipt is sent from Coupa in a voided status, logic to be built to create and void the receipt of the specified amount/quantity