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cXML Supplier Enablement

Learn more about cXML supplier enablement.

Punchout and cXML supplier enablement process:
  1. Identify the supplier
  2. Contact the supplier to confirm Punchout and cXML functionality using one of our Supplier Onboarding Email Templates.
  3. Provide the supplier with the link to Supplier Integration Resources, which contains information to configure punchout, cXML PO and cXML invoice 
  4. Set up a call with supplier:
    1. Provide information regarding scope and deadlines
    2. Request supplier to complete Supplier Questionnaire
    3. Request cXML credentials
    4. Request a list of Units of Measure to be set up in Coupa (if UOM from punchout does not exist in Coupa, bringing cart into Coupa will fail)
    5. Confirm any requirements from the supplier, such as Address IDs or users.
  5. Once credentials are available, set up punchout and PO credentials in Coupa
    1. Supplier and Contract must exist in order to setup Punchout
    2. cXML PO and Invoice credentials are set up at the Supplier record
  6. Test punchout and PO.  Contact supplier to confirm PO has been received
  7. Invoice configuration usually takes longer. Once PO is successful, ask supplier to submit the invoice.  Invoice URL:  https://<customer Coupa URL>/cxml/invoices 
  8. When testing is completed, configure punchout and cXML in production with Production credentials provided by supplier

Punchout and cXML errors:

Any errors during punchout or PO transmission are sent to all users with Admin role. The notification includes the issue and cXML that was transmitted. See PO cXML Transmission Failures, Invoice cXML Transmission Errors, and Punchout Failures for more info.

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