Corporate Card Integration Overview

Coupa streamlines your corporate credit card reconciliation by receiving a data feed of credit card charges directly from your bank or card provider.


Coupa streamlines your corporate credit card reconciliation by receiving a data feed of credit card charges directly from your bank or card provider. This feed enables an effortless user experience in which Coupa automatically assigns, categorizes, and creates employee expense reports for the transactions sent in the feed. Employees need only to review their report and attach receipts where necessary per company policy. 


  1. Corporate credit card integration setup with your bank is completed.
  2. Coupa receives the file from the bank, parses the data and maps the transactions to your users.
  3. Transactions are converted into draft expense reports for each user.
  4. Reports are submitted for approval.
  5. Admins can reconcile submitted charges against the original transactions.

Employee Benefits

Credit card integration saves your employees time by automatically creating and saving expense reports for them.  Just upload receipt images and add other cash expenses, if they apply, and Coupa does the rest.

Administrator Benefits

Your finance team won't have to worry about late or missing transactions from employees. A bank’s credit card feed is considered the authoritative source of data, expense reports are automatically created, and credit card reconciliation is automatic and effortless. Coupa automates this reconciliation process, clearly showing which transactions have or have not been accounted for.

Before You Start

29 November 2017

These are a few things you need to do and know before you start your Corporate Credit Card Integration.

Step 1: Setup Your Corporate Card Feed

23 April 2021

You are going to need some help from your bank or Credit Card Provider for this step.

Step 2: Enable Corporate Cards in Coupa

20 September 2017

Your Integration manager or TAM is going to give you a hand with this step.

Step 3: Configure Corporate Card Settings

11 May 2021

Now it is time for you to configure the Corporate Card general, user, category, and advanced settings.