4.2 Move to Production (MTP)

Revised: 11 August 2022


Move to Production is the final step prior to Go-Live once design, configuration and integration validations are complete.  There should be 2-3 weeks planned for MTP activities prior to go-live to allow adequate time to complete configuration and integrations set up in Coupa production, enable production supplier connections and also carry out prerequisite tasks in customer's other internal systems connected to Coupa.


Activity Pre-requisites Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Go/No-Go Production Deployment Readiness Review
  • UAT Completion
  • Integrations Build and Test Completion
  • Supplier Enablement Completion
  • Customer internal system readiness
Customer Customer coordinates Go/No-Go deployment readiness review with project executive sponsors for sign-off to proceed with MTP activities Production Go Sign-off

Sample Deployment Readiness Review

Business Readiness Review
  • Success criteria and business goals are defined and agreed to
EM, CVM and Customer EM conducts Business Readiness Review before go-live.  CVM participates reviews value roadmap with Customer Business Readiness Review completed

Business Readiness Review Checklist

Value Workstream Overview

AIC Business Readiness Review Checklist

Review Release Management Strategy
  • Readiness activities have kicked off
CVM, EM and Customer CVM/EM reviews Release Management Playbook with customer and delivers to Admin along with upcoming release schedule dates Release Management Strategy best practices shared Release Management Playbook
Move to Production
  • UAT/MTP Customer Sign Off
  • Support Tickets Submitted

Parner/Customer configures production instance


Partner coordinates with Coupa EM/PM to get customer sign offs via email and submits MTP tickets with sign offs attached as defined in 'MTP Ticket Process' Document.  Coupa EM/PM reviews tickets for completeness


Production Environment Setup Complete

MTP Tickets Submitted

New instance set up checklist


MTP Checklist

Pay MTP Checklist

Risk Assess MTP Checklist

CLMA MTP Checklist

Spend Guard MTP Checklist

CCW MTP Checklist


UAT Sign Off Template


Integrations MTP

Coupa Pay - MTP and Support Handoff Process

MTP Ticket Process Document

Coupa Pay Tickets

Enable Coupa side integrations in production
  • Sign-off from client on UAT and approval for MTP
  • Client signed off integration documents (requirements, datamapping)
  • UAT test scripts for integrations and the corresponding test results
  • Approved integrations MTP ticket
  Coupa TS technical architect works with Support team engineer to enable integrations in production Integrations enabled in production  
Enable Integrations monitoring     Coupa TS technical architect is responsible for enabling the monitoring on the integrations   Enabling Integration Monitoring
Amex Enrollment     Overview of American Express customer enrollment. This is only for Pay customers using AMEX   Pay - Coupa Amex Customer Enrollment