Coupa Invoicing Overview

Coupa's open platform lets suppliers invoice their customers in the ways that suit them best, from electronic integration, to emailed PDFs.

Coupa Invoicing Overview

Efficient, accurate and timely invoice processing software solution that saves our customer’s AP department from drowning in a sea of paper by providing AP automation and thereby increasing compliance

Coupa & 3rd Party Invoicing Platforms

Coupa’s open e-invoicing platform provides the ability to makes it easy for 3rd party Invoicing platforms and service providers to integrate and provide AP automation for our mutual customers. Our standard data interfaces allows 3rd party systems to create invoices in Coupa as well as receive invoice updates from Coupa.

Invoicing Business Process across Coupa & 3rd Party Invoicing Platforms

Coupa has standard formats for inbound electronic invoicing.This document outlines the standard formats for both PO-backed and non PO invoices.

The following diagram depicts the standard P2P process flow along with the integration with the 3rd party invoicing platform.

Standard Coupa Integration Diagram (P2P)

Intended use of this document

This document is for Invoicing Platform Providers and provides the information required to earn Coupa Certification for standard Coupa platform integrations.

A Note on eInvoicing & Legal Compliance

Legal & tax compliance is outside the scope of this document, and certification of a general integration solution does not imply certification of a legally compliant solution for a given country. If you would like to pursue an integration solution allowing for guarantees of authenticity, integrity, and content validity end-to-end, or for more information, please contact us

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