Integration Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles created by the Technical Architecture team.

Use these knowledge articles created by the Technical Architecture team to troubleshoot problems and develop solutions for your Coupa integrations. See the Technical Documentation for reference materials about our API and CSV and SSO integrations.

Invoice Export with Attachments

Invoice Export with Attachments

Worksheets and Templates

23 February 2022

Integration planning worksheets, ERP data mapping templates, Integration Test scripts & Common Integration Errors/ Solution for building your integrations.

API: Using the new API query parameter "fields", Alternative to "return object"

19 November 2021

Replacing "return_object" API Filter with "Field" parameters built within the query (Alternative to API Filters)

API Response Filters

26 August 2020

Create API response filters for your system integrations to get just what you want from expenses, requisitions, invoices, orders, or user resources.

COA update using API

18 September 2020

This page shows the results of updating the CoA using various objects' API endpoints.

Postman Collection for Coupa APIs

26 July 2022

Generic API Collection for Coupa APIs

Generic Integration Requirement Document

25 December 2020

Generic Integration Requirement Document

How to select/check all OAuth client scopes at a time

18 August 2022

This page shows the results of updating the CoA using various objects' API endpoints.

Integration Best Practices PDF

26 February 2019

Check out our Integration Best Practices PDF before embarking on your integration project!

Integration Design Checklist

12 November 2021

CSV and API checklists to ensure integrations are well-formulated and robust.

OAuth 2.0 Getting Started with Coupa API

18 August 2022

Get started using the Coupa API by defining an OpenID Connect Client and using a REST client, like Postman, to get an access token.

OAuth 2.0 for Call Outs

11 August 2021

Example Postman OAuth callout with payload file.

Partial Receipt Voids Using Outbound Integration

18 August 2020

This feature enables a receipt to be voided for a partial quantity or amount. See Partial Voiding of Receipt for more info.

Risk Assess - Clear SOAP API Outbound Integration Queue

24 August 2021

This article will help us in clearing all records in the Risk Assess Integration Queue for Outbound SOAP API calls.

Integrate with SAP when Unit Price has more than two decimal places

29 April 2021

SWe have a couple of solutions to help you integrate Coupa with SAP when the Unit Price contains more than two decimal places.