TTContract Leasing Payment Plan Import

Format Description

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# Name Type Mandatory Comment
1 ID / Leasing number integer / char - 20 Yes Either the unique identifier, as defined by Coupa Treasury, or the alphanumerical value for the Leasing Number field.
2 Date date Yes Due date of the amount(s).
3 Interest amount decimal Yes


4 Amortization amount decimal No  
5 Leasing rate (net) decimal No  
6 Leasing rate (gross) decimal No  
7 VAT decimal No  
8 Interest calculated from decimal *  
9 Interest calculated to date *  
10 Residual value (net) date Yes  
11 Residual value (gross) decimal Yes  

* Mandatory with interest repayments

Import Function

The import function is under Special Functions on Treasury > Financial Instruments > Leases.


The import function processes files in standard text formats:

  • Unicode

Use the Identification dropdown to choose whether field 1 selects the deal ID or the Loan Number.

For each deal, the file must contain the complete leasing payment plan. Each imported data set overwrites any existing data sets.

If the file contains data about multiple leasing deals, the data for each deal must be grouped into a single block.

All cash flows for the same leasing deal must be in chronological order.

Format Rules

The file cannot contain any headers or format descriptions. Do not enclose text in quotation marks.

One file may contain multiple data sets. Each row contains exactly one data set.

  • ASCII Code 13: carriage return shows the end of a data set.
  • ASCII Code 10: new line shows the end of a data set.
  • The last data set concludes by an end of file (EOF).

In the table above, the value for “char” shows how many characters is the maximum length for that field in the imported file.

Days and months are always 2-digit values, whereas years are 4 digits. Date separator, date sequence, and file format must match your user settings. 

  • Field Separator – semicolon (;), comma (,)
  • Decimal Separator – period (.), comma (,)
  • Integer – No thousands or decimal separators
  • Date Separator – slash (/), period (.), comma (,)
  • Date Sequence – mdy, dmy, ymd

Sample Datasets 

Field delimiter: ; I Date delimiter: / I Date sequence: mdy I Decimal separator:

LNR54;01/29/2010;25.12;24.88;50;59.5;19 .0;12/31/2009;01/01/2010;100;689



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