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Holidays Import CSV Format

Format Description

PDF Version

# Name Type Mandatory Comment
1 Date date Yes The date of the holiday.
2 Calculation char - 1 Yes 0 = Do not include date in calculations.
1 = Include date in calculations.
3 Detail char - 1 Yes

If the holiday refers to a currency, enter the three-digit ISO-code of that currency.
If the holiday refers to a country, enter the two-digit ISO-code of that country.

4 Name char - 50 Yes The name of the holiday.

Import Function

The import function is under Special Functions on System > Market Data/Scenarios > Holidays.

The import function processes files in standard text formats:

  • Unicode

Format Rules

One file may contain entries for multiple holidays. Each dataset contains exactly one holiday.

If imported a second time, pre-existing datasets are not overwritten and are added to the list.

The file cannot contain any headers or format descriptions. Do not enclose text in quotation marks.

Each row in the file contains exactly one data set:

  • ASCII Code 13: carriage return shows the end of a data set.
  • ASCII Code 10: new line shows the end of a data set.
  • The last data set concludes by an end of file (EOF).

In the table above, the value for “char” shows how many characters is the maximum length for that field in the imported file.

Days and months are always 2-digit values, whereas years are 4 digits. Date separator, date sequence, and file format must match your user settings. 

  • Field Separator – semicolon (;), comma (,)
  • Date Separator – slash (/), period (.), comma (,), < none > 
  • Date Sequence – mdy, dmy, ymd
  • File Format – ASCII, Unicode

Example Data Sets

12/25/2021;0;USD;Christmas Day

12/31/2021;1;US;New Year’s Eve



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