Build Your Integration

See how to  exchange data with Coupa using our CSV flat files (using a dedicated sFTP server) or RESTful APIs.

Coupa’s platform enables you to make it easy for third-party systems (ERP, HR) to integrate and provide up-to-date master data and transactional data. Our standard data interfaces allow third-party systems to exchange data, and thus supporting integration, with Coupa via CSV flat files (using a dedicated sFTP server) or RESTful APIs.

Either method can be used to send/receive data to/from Coupa.


While either method can be used, Coupa recommends that you only use a single method when integrating with Coupa. 

Connectors using Coupa CSV flat file formats must not parse data based on the column numbers (position) but on the column names.

Connectors using the Coupa REST API must not follow a strict XSD validation mode, but parse the data they require from our XML stream.

Use the topics below to plan and implement your integration.  


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Integration Points

02 September 2016

Integration points with Coupa include users, suppliers, CoA, and more.

Integration Methods

24 April 2017

You can integrate your platform with Coupa via CSV flat file uploads or API.

IP Addresses to Whitelist

24 January 2020

Whitelist these IP addresses to ensure your integration is secure and works as expected.