Postman Collection for Coupa APIs

Revised: 26 July 2022

To help partners and customers with the API implementation, Coupa has come up with a POSTMAN collection covering some of the common API use cases that we come across during our implementations. We believe this will help the customers and partners not only to reduce the implementation time but also to explore various integration options using Coupa APIs.

OAuth2/OIDC - Postman Collection


Make sure that the POSTMAN in your system is upgraded to the latest version

Postman Collection for Coupa APIs using OAuth Access Tokens


You will need the POSTMAN tool installed in your local before you start the collection steps given below. 

  1. Download the collection file attached below as per the desired Accept header. Coupa supports application/xml or application/json accept headers
    Accept Header - application/xml - Coupa Postman Collection - XML
    Accept Header - application/json - Coupa Postman Collection - JSON
  2. Click on the "Import" option within the POSTMAN tool

  3. Upload the file you downloaded in step#1 and click Import

  4. Add a new Environment by clicking "New" and selecting "Environment" as shown below

  5. Enter the following variables and their values and the same environment with a meaningful name
Variable Value
client_id Available in the OAuth Client created at
client_secret Available in the OAuth Client created at
scope Available in the OAuth Client created at

Enter the Coupa Treasury Host

API Keys - Postman Collection


API Keys Deprecation
          R32 - OAuth2.0 is the only available option for new customers
          R34 - new API keys can no longer be issued to existing customers
          R35 - API keys will no longer be supported
          More Details