Integration Playbooks and Resources

See how Coupa's open architecture lets us integrate with almost any ERP or financial system.

The real power behind the Coupa platform is its incredible flexibility. We're open where others are closed. Our open architecture lets our customers integrate any 3rd party system on the market. We can integrate with limitless types of software applications, from financial and ERP, to HR, to inventory management.

So, if you've got a preference or standard, we can leverage our API to hook directly into your existing tools. If you don't, we can recommend best practices based on your environment and integration points. Either way, we keep it simple. Remember, integration isn't the main driver for any project: the driver is for you to save money!

You can use either the Coupa API, flat files, web services, custom code, or any integration provider to make seamless connections between Coupa and your ERP. To see some applications that we've worked with in the past, check out our Case Studies page, where we outline how we've integrated with thousands of systems and have hundreds of thousands of API calls every day.

Integration Overview

Our CSV and API allow for integrations of almost any complexity, enabling millions of transactions to run through our platform each day.

ERP Integration Playbooks

Get a head start on integrating your ERP with Coupa using these handy playbooks.

Other Integration Playbooks

Coupa supports integrations with third-party systems for streamlined,  best-in-class capabilities workflows.

Integration Case Studies

Learn about how we've integrated with some of the most popular ERP platforms on the market.

Integration Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles created by the Technical Architecture team.