3.1 Develop Test Plan

Revised: 15 August 2022


System testing and validation is key component of a successful implementation and must be planned for appropriately. Coupa recommends breaking up testing in three phases to allow for multiple rounds of testing to find any possible issues and address in time without impacting any subsequent milestones and project go-live. Three phases are Unit Testing (individual areas of application tested for functionality and integrations), Systems Testing (complete application testing by core team for functionality and integrations) and UAT (end user testing). Proper planning should include complete test script development, system(s) test preparedness  and testing resource identification and scheduling.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Create business functionality test cases Client (business), Partner, Coupa SA
  • Client develops test cases.
  • Partner/Coupa provides sample test cases.  Partner/Coupa SA reviews client created test cases
Testing Scripts

UAT Scripts

SIM - UAT Scripts

CLM - UAT Scripts

Sourcing - UAT Scripts

Inventory - UAT Scripts

AIC - standard SIT and UAT cases

Coupa Pay UAT Scripts

CRA - UAT Scripts

Services Maestro - UAT Scripts

CCW - UAT Scripts

Expenses- UAT Scripts

Identify testing resources and dates Client
  • Client owns planning
Create and Review integration test cases Client (business and technical), Partner, Coupa PS
  • Client develops test cases
  • Partner/Coupa PM is responsible for sharing the test cases with the Coupa TS technical architect.
  • Coupa TS technical architect is responsible for reviewing the integration test cases and provide feedback to Client, partner and Coupa PM
Integration Test Scripts