3. Validate

After your solution is set up, we’ll plan and run a complete test plan including a User Acceptance Test (UAT). We will then formalize plans for end-user training as well as cutover from any systems that were used previously.

3.1 Develop Test Plan

15 August 2022

System testing and validation is key component of a successful implementation and must be planned for appropriately.

3.2 Execute Testing

18 February 2018

As testing occurs, Coupa PM/partner should meet with the customer on a frequent basis to review results and track any follow-up activities via open items tracker.

3.3 Cutover Planning

01 November 2018

Cutover planning is key to ensure that production environment is prepared and a strategy is developed to import data and connect any related systems successfully in advance of go-live.

3.4 Training Strategy

08 September 2020

As part of change management and training planning we recommend that you consider creating supplemental materials like FAQs, Quick Tips, or End-to-End user videos to drive adoption.

3.5 Conduct Project ARB II

13 January 2022

Architecture Review #2 covers any changes in process or configuration since the initial review and provides validation on a fully configured environment prior to start of last testing stages.

3.6 Conduct Supplier Enablement Pre Go-Live Review

13 April 2022

Conduct Supplier enablement pre go-live review