2. Model

Immediately following the Mobilize phase, we’ll delve into the outcomes that you want to achieve with your business processes, advise you on best practices, and start mapping out your Coupa configuration and needed integrations. Next, we’ll proceed with configuration and integration, as well as supplier enablement.

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2.1 Conduct Business Process Review, Design and Architect the Solution

15 August 2022

Business Process Design is a key project activity that drives towards optimal system configuration and architecture.

2.2 Configure Coupa

11 March 2022

Configuration phase ensures that customer's business process design is appropriately translated into setup of environment.

2.3 Develop Integrations

06 February 2022

Since Coupa serves as strategic extension to customer's financial systems it is critical that integrations are built and tested to support business processes and provide necessary data to external systems to run business.

2.4 Enable Suppliers

13 April 2022

Development of supplier enablement strategy is key to get suppliers onboarded and ready for customer's Coupa rollout.

2.6 Conduct ARB 1

03 August 2022

Architecture Review Board 1 (ARB 1) is an essential toll gate that is required to take place prior to completion of business process and integrations design and request for customer's design sign off.