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Revised: 31 January 2023

Support for Coupa Customers

For Customer support (which includes Supply Chain Design & Planning users), your organization’s Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) should visit the Support page. From there, they can open and track support cases. Please note that only Designated Support Contacts have access to submit support cases. Don’t know who your organization’s DSCs are? Check out this article and video.

Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) can contact us by phone at one of the regional numbers, or by contacting Coupa’s United States helpline: 1-800-385-7830.

If you have other questions related to Coupa Portals, please review our FAQ for additional information.

For Suppliers

For Supplier support, please visit the Coupa Suppliers site, and see the Supplier Help Center and frequently asked questions.

For any technical or functional support-related questions not answered in the Supplier Help Center, Suppliers can chat with an agent 24x5 through the chat box on the Coupa Supplier Portal (, or email Any questions regarding the Customer/Supplier relationship, processes, request/invoice/payment status, etc., cannot be addressed by Coupa Support and must be directed to the Coupa Customer.