• Published on: 05 December 2023
  • Last edited on: 20 February 2024

Upcoming Coupa Release Schedule

When we are planning to release new Coupa versions to sandboxes and production.

In order to help you plan your schedules, we want to provide as much visibility into our upcoming Major Release dates. Below are the tentative dates for the next releases. While we want to hit any dates that we publish, we want to make sure that we are delivering a high-quality release. If we feel that we need more time to get a release ready, then we will adjust the dates.

You can choose to have your sandbox and production updates on any of the dates specified below with the exception of the Wave 0 sandbox group, which is a closed January release access group for customers utilizing the Support Account Management service.


Unless you receive a separate communication alerting you to a wave change, you remain on the same wave.

Coupa Core Release Schedule

Release Available Sandbox Dates Available Production Dates
May 2024 Release (R39) April 22 (Wave 0 and Wave 1) or April 29, 2024 (Wave 2) May 3 (Wave 1), May 10 (Wave 2), or May 24, 2024 (Wave 3)
September 2024 Release (R40) August 12 (Wave 0 and Wave 1) or August 19, 2024 (Wave 2) August 23 (Wave 1), August 30 (Wave 2), or September 13, 2024 (Wave 3)
January 2025 Release (R41) December 9, 2024 (Wave 0), January 6, 2025 (Wave 1), or January 13, 2025 (Wave 2) January 17 (Wave 1), January 24 (Wave 2), or February 7, 2025 (Wave 3)

The Core release schedule covers all apps except those listed in the Coupa Apps schedule below.

Coupa Apps - May 2024 Release (R39)

Coupa App May 2024 Release (R39) Available Sandbox Dates May 2024 Release (R39) Available Production Dates
Coupa Contingent Workforce (CCW) April 22, 2024 May 11, 2024
Coupa Risk Assess (CRA) April 15, 2024 April 19, 2024
Sourcing Optimization (CSO) April 21, 2024 April 28, 2024
Supply Chain Design and Planning (SCDP) N/A April 27, 2024
Treasury Management (on AWS)* April 17 (Wave 1) or April 23, 2024 (Wave 2) April 30 (Wave 1), May 7 (Wave 2), May 21 (Wave 3)

*Treasury instances will be updated 3-7 days before the respective Coupa Core instances.

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17 February 2018

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13 April 2021

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